[PyKDE] The tablet event, it works not!

Kaleb Pederson kibab at icehouse.net
Sat Oct 16 23:20:55 BST 2004

On Saturday 16 October 2004 11:34 am, Sundance wrote:
> I heard Kaleb Pederson said:
> > My new kernel works.  Your program worked just fine with my Tablet as
> > did my old test program (I would have given it to you as well, but I
> > wasn't sure what state I had left it in).  I'm using sip 4.1.1, PyQt
> > 3.13 and Qt 3.3.3. There must be something else awry :(
> Raahr! *bites into various things*
> Okay, so. I'm confused.
> I'm running Qt 3.3.3 and PyQt 3.12 with SIP 4.0.1.
> Tablet drivers are linuxwacom 0.6.3 on kernel Andrew Morton/2.6.7 and
> X.Org 6.8.
> I'll update my packages to the same versions you use, and get back to
> you.

Ok.  I would probably only look at Qt as it sounds like it's the culprit.  
Could Python or your C++ program have linked to a different version of Qt 
that didn't have tablet support?  I'm sure that as soon as you get Qt 
working, you'll be able to get it working on Python.  I'm not sure if that 
would require a PyQt recompile, but it shouldn't be that big of a deal either 

> In the meanwhile, please find attached the C++ test code.
> 'qmake -project && qmake && make' to compile.

Your C++ version worked fine as well.

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