[PyKDE] Accessing qscintilla widget from Qt designer

Andre Gosselin gosselina at dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Wed Oct 13 01:41:23 BST 2004


I am a bit new to Qt/PyQt, and this maybe is a stupid question. So
please bear with me.

I am working on Linux (MDK 9.2), with Qt 3.1.2 installed.
I downloaded the Mandrake qscintilla-1.4-2 src rpm, and followed all 
instructions given inside the README file to compile QScintilla and the
Qt Designer plugin, eg:
        cd qt
        qmake qscintilla.pro
        cp qextscintilla*.h $QTDIR/include
        cp qscintilla*.qm $QTDIR/translations
        cd ../designer
        qmake designer

Directory /usr/lib/qt3/lib holds library /qt3/lib/libqscintilla.so.5.0.0
(and symbolic links libqscintilla.so, etc). Directory 
/usr/lib/qt3/plugins/designer holds library libqscintillaplugin.so .

Now, when I start Qt Designer, I do not see any scintilla widget. What
am I doing wrong?

Any help appreciated.

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