[PyKDE] connectNotify

Matias Guijarro guijarro at esrf.fr
Tue Oct 12 17:20:14 BST 2004

>>Hi all,
>>I would like to know when a Python signal (PYSIGNAL)
>>emitted by a QObject-derived instance is connected to
>>something, in order to perform an expensive initialization
>>only if necessary.
>>I thought I could use the connectNotify method of QObject,
>>but it does not seem to work : whatever I tried, I did not get
>>it called, whereas it is supposed to be called "when something
>>has been connected to /signal/ in this object" (from Qt doc.)
>>Is it implemented in PyQt ?
>>If so, from which version ? (I am using 3.8)
>It's not implemented. It could be, but in the case of a Python signal the
>signal name wouldn't be meaningful.

I think it would be good if it could be implemented :-)
Sometimes it's nice to know when a signal is connected (or disconnected).

Why the Python signal name would not be meaningful ?
I thought it would be just the name after PYSIGNAL, e.g. "valueChanged" 
if the signal is
emitted with PYSIGNAL("valueChanged").

I am new to sip and PyQt, so excuse me if I do not fully understand some 

Thanks in advance,

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