[PyKDE] auto-Complete questions

John Fabiani jfabiani at yolo.com
Tue Oct 12 15:29:58 BST 2004

On Tuesday 12 October 2004 00:14, you wrote:
> Hi,
> Autocompletion can be done from an API file which contains
> all Python functions. While this file depends on your
> personal configuration of Python, you may use the
> "gen_python_api.py" script to scan all your modules. You'll
> then have to load the file generated into eric via the
> configuration dialog.
> Autocompletion can also be done from the current words
> already written in your document.
> When checking the "Autocompletion" checkbox, you'll have to
> select a radio button to choose your default autocompletion
> mode. That means that autocompletion is automatically
> activated when the threshold (number of characters)
> indicated below is reached.
> After choosing a default mode (or not!), two shortcuts
> (Ctrl+Space and Ctrl+Shift+Space) are also available to
> start autocompletion from API or Document whatever selected
> in the preferences.
> Concerning the "About Eric" bug, I had the same before, but
> it was due to my PyQT and SIP versions which were not recent
> enough...
> It works for me with:
> - PyQt-x11-gpl-3.13
> - sip-4.1.1
> - QScintilla 1.4
> - eric 3.5
> Hope it helps,
> ++
> Jul.
Thanks for the information.  I found gen_python_api.py last night.  But I 
still have issues.  After I generate the api I still do not have most of the 
'wx' (although it did have a little - I think) which is for wxPython.  Also 
when I add stuff to the 'excludemodules' list it still appears to add the 
module anyway.  When I run it  (gen_python_api.py) a python command line 
session is opened and a tk hello window opens.  I'm guessing that happens 
because it runs the code while it generates the API file.  So how do I get 
the 'wx' into the API file?  And of course I'd like to have the calltips too.

Python 2.3.3
qt 3.3.1
PyQt 3.11
QScinitilla 1.2
Eric 3.5.0
Bicycle REpair Man 0.9


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