[PyKDE] PyQt 3.13: crash on exit when using QCanvasSprite

Roberto Alsina ralsina at kde.org
Wed Oct 6 23:26:07 BST 2004

I have a similar problem.

And another one: Sprites just don't ever get deleted.
I am guessing it's because of the reference counting: the QCanvas keeps a
reference, so even if I delete the python object, it doesn't go away.

I could produce a simple testcase if needed.

> I have a crashing problem with PyQt when I draw a QCanvasSprite.  More
> precisely, it appears to occur during shutdown after I use one.
> I've attached a small test program that demonstrates the problem.  To
> reproduce, run "python view.py some-image-file.jpg", close the window it
> displays (which should cause the app to quit), then see the crash.
> I've also attached gdb's backtrace, although it's not very useful, as
> nothing is compiled with debug information enabled.
> System details: x86, Fedora Core 2, sip 4.1.1, PyQt 3.13 (built with sip
> 4.1, in case that matters)
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