[PyKDE] Eric: does not recognize function with non-simple expression as default argument value

Parzival Herzog parzp at shaw.ca
Sun Oct 3 19:24:20 BST 2004

Congratulations on the release of Eric 3.5.0! Perhaps the following
problem will be gone in 3.5.1! ;-))

I found that a function like:

def secs2radians(secs, _cvf=math.pi/(180.0*3600.0)):
    return secs*_cvf

would not appear as a function listed under its source file in the project 
tree view, but if I changed it to

def secs2radians(secs, _cvf=math.pi/180.0*3600.0):
    return secs*_cvf

and saved the file, it would appear. So some parser in eric3 is quietly 
rejecting the first syntax. Perhaps it uses a regular expression which does
not accept nested parentheses?

Also a definition with structured arguments such as:

def rotate((x,y,z),(a,b)):
    return (x,y), (z,a,b)
is not recognized, while

def rotate(x,y,z,a,b):
    return (x,y), (z,a,b)
is recognized.

Parzival Herzog

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