[PyKDE] ANN: eric3 v 3.5.0 released

jul j.vienne at libertysurf.fr
Sun Oct 3 17:30:30 BST 2004

Hi there,

First, cheers Detlev!
Great job :)

Now, I have a question about SIP....
That is one week I'm trying to wrap a C function for Python with the 
famous SWIG wrapper, but without success....
Basically, I would just like to pass an array coming from Python 
Numarray  into my C function which takes a pointer on array and the 
dimension in arguments.
This is certainly a school example, but I didn't find the way with SWIG. 
As it is the first C function I'm trying to wrap, I wonder if I can use 
SIP to do this.....

Example of C functionI would like to wrap:

/ * C function in "my_module.c" (sums  all elements of a 1D array) */
double sum(double *p,int dim){
double s=0.;
int i;

return s;

What I would like in Python:
$ python
 >>> import my_module, Numeric as N
 >>> a=N.array([1,2,3])
 >>> my_module.sum(a)

Can SIP do that ?

Best regards,

Detlev Offenbach wrote:

>I am proud to announce the immediate availability of eric3 v 3.5.0. It is 
>available via
>For the most prominent change please see the attached release notes.
>This is a feature relase of the eric3 Python IDE. The most notable feature enhancements are:
>- multiple views to the same document
>- lexer support for Perl and Bash
>- automatic syntax checks of Python files upon save/open
>- syntax check for Quixote page template files
>- autosave feature
>- limit the effect of a search and search/replace to a range of lines
>- show contents of simple Qt-types while debugging
>- add breakpoints while the debugger is executing
>Python shell:
>- a Python shell based on the QScintilla widget with autocompletion,
>  calltips and syntax highlighting
>- new dialogs to compare files
>- enhanced the file/class browser
>- a new window layout called "floating windows"
>- a new icon set based on crystal icons
>- French translations
>- improved Subversion integration
>- drag and drop support
>- single instance mode
>- enhanced unicode support
>Please note that Python versions prior to 2.2.0 are not supported anymore.
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