[PyKDE] Eric: Tweak -- on File | Save As of an already-saved file, open in save dialog in file's current directory

Parzival Herzog parzp at shaw.ca
Sat Oct 2 17:51:02 BST 2004

On September 29, 2004 11:19, Mike C. Fletcher wrote:
> This is basically just a tweak, but seems that it would be more natural
> when saving a file that's already been saved to have the file dialog
> start in the directory where the current file is located.

I agree. I would suggest that eric set its working directory to match the
location of the currently active editing window. File dialogs and other tools
should start their operations at the working directory. Using the user's
home directory can't be very useful, and in a kde shell environment,
there is no control over  eric's working directory when starting eric, as the
desktop application links do not offer to start an application in a particular
working directory.

Parzival Herzog

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