[PyKDE] i18n support in eric

Nicolas D. Cesar ncesar at lunix.com.ar
Sat Nov 27 15:15:20 GMT 2004

This is my first post, and I don't know if this is the correct list... so I 
apologize in casse is off topic.

I've been using eric3 to develop a tiny application and I want to add i18n 

I've try to add a .ts to the project with the "Add translation.." from the 
context menu... it add the entry but it desn't create a proper file!! 

I had to create my .pro outside eric3 and run pylupdate by hand (is this 
normal??) so I could double-click it and Qt-Linguist apear..

everything almost great: 
 pyupdate ('Generate translation') and lrelease ('Release translations') 
inside eric3 don't apear as active in the context menu. 

is there ANY configuration I should be setting in order to use those features?

tnx in advance
Nicolás D. César <ncesar at lunix.com.ar>
Lunix S.R.L. -[ http://www.lunix.com.ar ]-
LUGLi Grupo de Usuarios de Software Libre del Litoral
Unite!  -[ www.lugli.org.ar ]-
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