[PyKDE] Problems with PyKDE/KDE 3.3.1

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sun Nov 28 02:03:28 GMT 2004

There have been a couple problems with people trying to build PyKDE against 
KDE 3.3.1. The source of the problem is that PyKDE doesn't know what files to 
add to its base set of files for KDE 3.3.1. 

I suggested one fix, which was to edit kdeversion.h to make PyKDE think it's 
still building against KDE 3.3.0. That should work (although I haven't tried 

The other fix is to create *-kde331.diff files for each module, for example in 
sip/kdecore, open kdecore-kde330.diff and save it as kdecore-kde331.diff. 
You'd need to do that for all modules that have a *-kde330.diff file. 

I modified configure.py to use the kde330 files automatically, and that patch 
will be in the snapshot I'll be releasing in a few days.

PyKDE-3.11.3 will build against KDE 3.3.1 (without any of the changes that may 
have taken place since KDE 3.3.0) and seems to work - I haven't done any 
testing beyond ensuring the modules will import. I doubt there are many major 
changes affecting PyKDE in KDE 3.3.1, but a compatible version will be 
available shortly.


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