[PyKDE] Re: [Pythonmac-SIG] ANN: PyQt-Mac installer available

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen at cwi.nl
Fri Nov 12 13:14:28 GMT 2004

On 10 Nov 2004, at 11:18, Kevin Walzer wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> PyQt-Mac is a binary installer of the various components of Qt and PyQt
> for Mac OS X. Included are the following:
> 	? 	
> * A complete build of Qt/Mac with QScintilla support.
> 	? 	
> * A compiled binary of Sip, the application that converts Qt's C++ base
> into Python bindings.
> 	? 	
> * PyQt.
> 	? 	
> * Eric 3, an integrated development environment (IDE) for Python 
> written
> with the PyQt toolkit.

It doesn't seem to work for me:-(

First, and least important, there's a typo in the instructions. You say 
to do the following after installation:
	cd /Developer/qt/pyqt-mac-source/PyQt-mac-gpl-3.1.3
	sudo make install
That first directory should be PyQt-mac-gpl-3.13

When I had done all that I tried Eric 3, but it quit after bouncing a 
few times. Then I tried it from the command line, with:
	/Applications/Eric\ 3.app/Contents/MacOS/Eric\ 3
but it still complained about not being able to find libqt-mt.3.dylib.

Inspection of /Developer/qt/lib indeed did not reveal this file: 
libqt-mt.a and libqt-mt.la are available, but the dylib is missing.

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