[PyKDE] Using custom components and Qt Designer with QWidgetFactory in PyQt

Sundance sundance at ierne.eu.org
Wed Nov 3 22:37:47 GMT 2004

I heard Truls A. Tangstad said:

> Maybe a possible solution might be to create a QWidgetFactory
> replacement that runtime uses pyuic and execs the result... if
> nothing else this allows custom components specified in the Designer
> to be created correctly since pyuic uses code from the Comments field
> which QWidgetFactory ignores.

You know, what would REALLY kick butt would be a way to import .ui files 

from MyWidgetUIFile import MyWidget

That's how the Python bindings for the ORBit CORBA implementation works. 
You can import IDL files directly. This really, /really/ makes a 
difference in development cleanliness and flexibility.

Anyone has any idea how to do that?

-- S.

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