[PyKDE] QMainWindow and paintEvent

gianlum gianlum at email.it
Tue Nov 2 16:05:19 GMT 2004


I am writing an application that need to draw some lines. With the 
qt-designer, I create a QMainWindow as main window and all the other widget.

As the documentation said, to draw into a Canvas (or all other widgets) I must 
redefine the paintEvent method.

All work good, but when I must update the Canvas (for example when the window 
lose the focus and is overlapped from another window), the Canvas were not 
updated until I do something (press a key).

It look as the paintEvent is put on the queue, but it is not processed for 
some reason.

So I have two question:

1) What are the correct way to write an application with a QMainWindow as main 
widget and have a canvas or a pixmap that work as expected, so they are 
updated when needed ?

2) How I can force the application to pump the event queue ? (for example in 
pygame there is the pygame.event.pump() ) 

thanks in advance
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