[PyKDE] Problem resolving widget's class

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Mon Nov 1 18:30:19 GMT 2004

> Fredrik Juhlin wrote: 
> > From what we can tell though, it only happens to widgets that comes from 
> > "C++ land", so to speak. That is, widgets that are created by 
> > QWidgetFactory, the listbox you get when calling QComboBox.listBox(), 
> > the header from QListView.header() etc. This has made us draw the 
> > conclusion that there's most likely something wrong in SIP? 
This sounds a lot like the problems you can experience when embedding 
Python in C++ applications through a dlopened plugin mechanism. 
Can you successfully "cast" the widget pointers to the appropriate 
types by using sip.unwrapinstance and sip.wrapinstance functions? 
> I assume it doesn't happen with every widget created in "C++ land" - as 
> that would be easy to demonstrate. Is there any pattern to when it does 
> happen? 
Does the above explanation make sense? Are there circumstances where 
SIP just doesn't have enough information to determine the correct type 
from a pointer? 

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