[PyKDE] eric: Split view, does it work?

Parzival Herzog parzp at shaw.ca
Mon Nov 1 16:56:30 GMT 2004

When I use view/split, a new empty split pane appears, but I can get nothing 
to appear in that pane: selecting a file in the browser makes it appear in 
the original pane. 

Without documentation, here is what I would have expected to have happen: 
View/split would create a new pane, also showing the file originally 
appearing when unsplit. Then, either it would not be possible to
show a different file in the split, or I could address the new pane 
by focusing it, and then select a new file in the browser; this would make the 
selected file appear in that (focused) pane.

Can anyone clarify how the split view is/should work?

Parzival Herzog

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