[PyKDE] eric3 - stability problem

Dean Nicholls dean at redblufftech.com
Mon May 31 21:47:01 BST 2004

Hi all

I have been having very similar problems to what Dave is describing.

I am running Gentoo (latest) on a Sony Vaio, with the latest versions of SIP, 
PyQT, QScintilla and Eric. My version of python is 2.3.3. However I have been 
having the same problems with earlier versions.

The symptoms are that I can use Eric to write a script. I will generally be 
using the debugger, and the problem occurs when I click on the script edit 
Window to return the focus after looking at a telnet session to the machine 
that the script has been talking to.

My problem is worse than Daves - the machine will shoot to 100% CPU  and lock 
me out. I can move the mouse pointer around, but there is no keyboard 
interaction and I have to hard reset the machine.

This happens about every one to two hours and is very annoying. It only 
happens whenEric regains the focus. It wont happen once I have started using 
Eric, only when it first gains focus. However I can go for a day or two 
before it happens again.

I have remerged all components as Dave has done, but have not rememerged 
Python. I am not having these sort of issues with any other QT or python 
based software - just Eric.

In a completely unrealted issue is Eric working on Mac OSX, or does it still 
have the edit move of death problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as an unfortunate side effect of the 
hard reset is the srewing up of my latest mail messages on my Imap kmail - 
but that's a problem for another list....


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