[PyKDE] Re: dcop

Stefan Bund l-pykde.z.xalan at xoxy.net
Fri May 28 21:38:01 BST 2004

Jim Bublitz <jbublitz at nwinternet.com> writes:
> I'll have to think about it - I do like having a consistent set of methods 
> rather than the two variations I have now, but I don't like the
> warnings.

gcc does not generate Warnings for unnamed parameters:

void foo(int arg1, int arg2, int)

is perfectly valid and ignores the third param.

> I stole from pydcop too - basically the same thing, but __init__ just takes 
> the "id" for the DCOPObject. I added an "addMethod" method:
>     addMethod ("QString someMethod (int)", self.some_method)

Ok. So my DCOPServer goes to :-)

> If you want to play with the stuff I have so far (works, but not necessarily 
> complete), send me your email address privately and I'll mail a tarball and 
> installation instructions. I'd appreciate some feedback, as I'm not that 
> familiar with using DCOP.

I'd generaly be interested, but right now I have lots of other stuff
to do. Since my current version does what I need, I think I'll wait,
till the code is complete. If you release a testing Version I'll
certainly give it a try, but I would like the API to be finalized by
then, so I don't have to reimplement the stuff twice.

You are doing a realy great work. Thanks for all the good stuff ...


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