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Dave S eric3 at pusspaws.net
Fri May 28 13:38:00 BST 2004

Gordon Tyler wrote:

> Dave S wrote:
>> ...mmm... refactoring ... some kind of speeding up ? - Ill give it a 
>> whirl.
> Refactoring is the process of incrementally improving the 
> design/implementation of code while retaining its behaviour. An 
> example of a particular refactoring is Extract Method, where a code 
> fragment is turned into a separate method with a name which explains 
> its purpose.
> One of the simpler refactorings is Rename -- renaming a class or a 
> method or a field to better reflect what it is. The point of using a 
> tool to perform the renaming is that it should change all references 
> so that the program continues to function afterwards.
> Refactoring is easily done in statically-typed languages such as Java 
> but it's somewhat harder in dynamically-typed languages such as Python.
> Martin Fowler wrote a book on refactoring, called "Refactoring" ;) 
> which is considered recommended reading. He also maintains a website 
> on the subject: http://www.refactoring.com/.
> Ciao,
> Gordon
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Thanks for that ... it makes more sense now ... I got the re-naming part 
but it clears up the extract method.

Ive got another query but I'll post a fresh message on the list.


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