[PyKDE] eric3 question ... project

Dave S eric3 at pusspaws.net
Wed May 26 21:56:01 BST 2004

OK Im getting to like eric ... I got a bunch of questions so I guess Ill 
just fire them out ...

1) Im new to IDEs, what is the advantage of saving as a 'project' ? It 
seems to do exactly the same as
saving a file short of being able to add extra 'project' info ...  Why 
save as a project ?

2) Gentoo offers eric3 v3.1 in 'stable' or eric3 v3.3.1 in 'testing'. 
v3.1 seems to work OK but v3.3.1 has a quirk.
If I load a project (see above ;-) ) the cursor fixes as a 'busy' clock 
instead of an arrow and will not change back.
This happens in Fluxbox & KDE so I don't think its window manager 
related. Anyone heard of this ? How to fix it ?

3) What is a 'form', OK this maybe a Python question but I have never 
heard of them before eric3. What do you
do with them ?

4) What is the 'Bycycle Repair Man' :-)  Well it made me smile !

I look forward to hearing from you all



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