[PyKDE] Next newbie issue

John Fabiani jfabiani at yolo.com
Wed May 26 17:44:00 BST 2004

After installing my windows version I realized that my SUSE 9.0 might be 
missing lots of other stuff.  I checked sourceforge and discovered a RPM 
for SUSE 9.0.  It contains a "PyKDE" rpm and a much of other stuff.  
Checking my software install software from SUSE (YaST) it can't find 
anything like "PyKDE".  So can someone explain what the other stuff is 
like "Sip" ... etc.  Also how to I determine what version of PyQt I'm 
running on the SUSE box.

Thanks for your help - try to remember all this stuff is new to me - but 
I'm learning fast. 


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