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Amand Tihon amand at alrj.org
Wed May 26 05:24:00 BST 2004


I've been playing with pyKDE and DCOP these last few days, and I must say it 
is not really easy. The main problem being I haven't been able to find any 
documentation (as soon as I have something working, I'll put it on the wiki).

Up to now, I've managed to implement void functions.

But either there's something I didn't understand, or the python prototype of 
DCOPObject.process() should be reviewed. 

Currently, the replyType and replyData are passed as arguments (as it is in 
C++). Their types are respectively QCString and QByteArray.
The replyType is not a real problem, as I can set it with the setStr() method.
However, pyKDE offers very few ways to interract with a QByteArray. And since 
it is passed as reference, I cannot build one from a python string.

I'd like to be able to return at least a bool, an int, a QCString or a 
QCStringList. I've already tried to play with some QDataStream, etc, but 
pyKDE doesn't support the stream operators << and >>, and I couldn't obtain 
any result.

Perhaps the process() method should return a tuple of (bool, [something]) ? I 
don't know if it would be perfect, though.

Does anyone know how to solve this ?


Amand Tihon
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