[PyKDE] 10.0 official rpms for PyKDE

Joachim Werner joe at suse.de
Tue May 25 10:38:00 BST 2004

Simon Edwards schrieb:
> On Monday 24 May 2004 08:04, Paul Evans wrote:
>>Hi Simon,
>>Have you made any moves that way or...?
> I was planning to spit RPMs out once PyKDE has been declared stable and 
> released.

Same with the "unofficial" SUSE RPMs.

My target is to build a set of upgraded "Qt/KDE Python tools" including 
Python 2.3.4, SIP 4.0, the latest stable PyQt, PyKDE 3.11, and Eric 3.4.2.

The problem is that during the last couple of weeks there was not a 
single day when all of the parts of the whole were stable at the same 
time ;-)

It would be great if we could get the "Python tools" in sync with the 
next major KDE release (3.3), i.e. at the time KDE is released the 
upgreaded Python bindings are available, too ...

If we are in sync with KDE (which implies that we are also in sync with 
the SUSE LINUX release schedules) I can make official SUSE packages. 
That's much harder (or even impossible) inbetween releases.

My main focus here is on SIP/PyQt/PyKDE. Those should be in sync. 
Changing the Python version or updating to a new Eric is less pain ...

As I can see from the KDE 3.3 feature plan that Simon has already opted 
to take care of this ;-)



Joachim Werner

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