[PyKDE] Kontact Plugins

Peter Clark peter-clark at bethel.edu
Sat May 22 11:59:01 BST 2004

    Are there any guides to developing a Kontact plugin? I'd like to write a 
PyQt program that a.) gets a list of the mail servers and fetch the headers 
for new messages and b.) offers the option of deleting specific messages. I 
know that similar programs exist, but none offer integration with 
KMail/Kontact. I don't need anything specific for PyQt and Kontact (since I'm 
fairly certain such documentation doesn't exist), but even general C++ might 
be helpful. 
    Also, if anyone happens to know how to grab a list of ther servers that 
KMail checks for mail, that would also be helpful. 
DCOP:kmail->KMailIface->accounts() displays the list of servers, but not the 
specific information that I would need (i.e. username, password, server 
address, port, etc.). Worse comes to worse, I can just write a dialog that 
duplicates Settings->Configure Kmail->Network->Receiving, but I'd rather just 
use what's already setup in KMail.

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