[PyKDE] KSystemTray, SetToolTip and python

Rafal Zawadzki bluszcz at jabberpl.org
Tue May 18 22:21:00 BST 2004

Dnia 2004-05-18 17:31, Uz.ytkownik Jim Bublitz napisa?:

> PyQt contains a lot of example code in the examples3/ subdirectory, including 
> Python versions of the code for the Qt tutorial that comes with the Qt docs.  
> Boudewijn Rempt's book on PyQt programming is also available on line (don't 
> have the URL handy).
> PyKDE includes a few example programs in its examples/ subdirectory, including 
> a KSystray example (systray.py). In addition, there are some program 
> templates in templates/. The programs in templates/annotated have comments; 
> the same programs are in templates/basic with comments stripped.

systray.py was first example which I checked ;-)

> I'd start with the Qt tutorial - the same concepts are needed for KDE 
> programming.

Thanks of lot! :) I've planned start learning Qt/KDE programming with 
PyQT, but I've read at mailing list, that PyQT doesn't support systray. 
So I've started with PyKDE ;-). In this cause, I'll back to PyQT 
immedietaly.  Thanks again for mail, and for great PyKDE.

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