[PyKDE] Eric3 OS X traceback

dn at hddesign.com dn at hddesign.com
Mon May 17 02:35:01 BST 2004

>>   qt-mac-free-3.3.2
>>   qscintilla-1.60-gpl-1.3
>>   sip-snapshot-20040514
>>   PyQt-mac-gpl-snapshot-20040321
> Here it is. You should get the latest PyQt snapshot in order to be
> compatible with QScintilla 1.3. This should be something like 20040515.
> I know for sure, that snapshot-20040504 works ok as it is the version
> I'm using here.

Yes, I had too many snapshots hanging around and was using the wrong one!
Eric3 is working great now on OS X. Thanks.


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