[PyKDE] Extra args in KDialogBase.slotOk, slotCancel

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Thu May 13 17:43:01 BST 2004

On Thursday 13 May 2004 00:45, Troy Melhase wrote:
> Hi Folks:
> I've noticed a strange difference between pykde-3.8 and pykde-3.11rc1.  The
> methods 'slotOk' and 'slotCancel' on KDialogBase now expect two args:  one
> for the instance (i.e., self) and another, unnamed argument.  Both methods
> previously took a single argument, the dialog instance (i.e., self) in
> pykde-3.8.
> No mention of this extra argument in the sip files, the header files, or
> the KDE docs.  I don't know if this applies to any other methods in the
> class heirarchy; these are just what I've found.
> I printed the argument, and it looks like it's a float, usually similar to
> this one:
> 	1.086013601453286e-269
> Any ideas?  Am I missing something basic?
> As a work around, I've changed the signatures for these methods in my code
> to look like 'def slotOk(self, *args)'.  This seems to work, but it doesn't
> sit well with me (and pylint rightly complains about the unused argument).

Could you post a short example, or at least your slotOK method and the connect 
stmt that goes with it? As you indicate, neither the sip files nor KDE ask 
for any arguments (other than the implicit 'self' of course) and neither does 
the C++ code sip generates (kdeuipart1.cpp, line 244,785 for those who want 
to play along).


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