[PyKDE] qt + designer + frame packing (canvas)

Jason Moiron jmoiron at stevens.edu
Tue May 11 18:06:01 BST 2004

I've got an app whose UI designed with qt designer that will probably be 
changing quite a bit with time.  The UI features a canvas, which 
designer doesn't do, but it's my understanding that I can just put a 
frame where I want my QCanvasView to go, and then add the view to the 
frame later.

My problem has been adding the frame;  pyuic creates a layout for the 
frame already, but its not accessible after the __init__ function exits, 
so its inacessible by subclassing;  I can't add a layout to the frame 
and then go from there.

I have tried setting the parent of the canvasview as the frame itself, 
but then I get a small canvas view in the top left corner. I've read the 
documentation for frames, layouts, and qwidget quite a bit and still 
can't figure out how to add this canvasview;  I can't figure out how to 
delete it, or any function that will return the layout within any 
container widget.

I think I understand what I'm supposed to do here, but I don't want to 
change any code pyuic creates, and I can't figure out how to add this 
canvas cleanly to the frame.  Is there something I'm not getting?


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