[PyKDE] QScintilla and Qt Designer

Laurie Harper zodiac at holoweb.net
Fri May 7 12:56:01 BST 2004

Hi, I'm just getting started with QScintilla and learning Qt as I go... 
I'm trying to use QScintilla from within Qt Designer as a custom widget. 
I added a widget definition for QextScintilla, created a form with a 
QextScintilla widget on it and tried to build. I ended up with a link error:

ld: Undefined symbols:
QextScintilla::QextScintilla[in-charge](QWidget*, char const*, unsigned)

Looking at the source, it looks like it's using WFlags where Qt wants 
unsigned. WFlags is typedef'd to uint so I tried modifying 
qextscintilla.{h,cxx} and replacing WFlags with uint (I also tried 
unsigned). But I still get the same link error. :-(

Can anyone with a little more C++ knowhow tell me how to fix this?



PS, does anyone have a Qt Designer compatible widget description file 
available? I configured it by hand (a little tedious) but don't know how 
to set up the properties. Alternatively, if someone can tell me how to 
set up the properties in Qt Designer, I'll be happy to post the 
completed widget description!

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