[PyKDE] Building PyQt with QT/E on x86

James Lamanna jamesl at appliedminds.com
Thu May 6 17:50:01 BST 2004

I'm trying to buld PyQt against Qt/Embedded on a x86 platform.
The reason I am using Qt Embedded is that I want this to be a very 
lightweight system (aka, no xwindows).

I've be able to get sip4.0rc3 to build properly, but now I'm stuck with 
the following error building PyQt-3.11:

sipqtcmodule.cpp:11196: error: 'qt_xdisplay' undeclared (first use this 

Obviously it looks as if PyQt still expects X11 to be there.
Is there any way to turn off X11 support in PyQt so that it will build 
against Qt/E not on a Zaurus?


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James Lamanna
Applied Minds, Inc.
1209 Grand Central Ave.
Glendale, CA 91201
(818) 332-5214

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