[PyKDE] Debian eric3 package

Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Thu May 6 16:18:01 BST 2004

Ricardo Javier Cardenes Medina schrieb:
> On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 08:12:22PM -0400, Kirill Lapshin wrote:
>>What is the status of debian package for Eric? Any unofficial packages 
>>out there? If nobody maintaining such a package, maybe someone has 
>>tools/instructions for creating one? Thanks.
> There's a package but I have no interest so far to maintain it
> officialy, just because I don't use it any often (not that I don't like
> it, it's a nice piece of software). You can get it from my repo at
> people.debian.org, the package's name is "eric3".
> I sent the source package to a volunteer willing to maintain it some
> months ago, but no answer so far (a case of RLS[1], I supposse).
> Then I sent it to another one some weeks ago. Same result. There's a
> third one (Torsten Marek) that have showed some interest on it, so I
> think it's safe to say that he can take over the package the moment he
> wants to. Torsten? You there?
Yes, alive and kicking. I'm still willing to adopt it. Maybe you can 
give me some hints resp. thoughts about what you wanted to fix and I'll 
try to get one together until next week. There are some Python 
application packages in Debian, so I will try to keep to their structure.
Just one question that comes to my mind. As far as I remember, eric3 
byte-compiles its files on installation. Should the installation script 
be patched or bypassed completely, because byte-compilation is done by 
dh_python (and on Python upgrade, too)? There is also a Python policy, 
as far as I remember, I just can't find the link right now

> If Torsten decline his previous offer, I'm open to other adoption
> offers. My latest package is for Eric 3.4.1, but it needs some fixes
> that I just realized a couple days ago. Anyway, before adopting it,
> please, talk with me. There are a couple of things to point out about
> the package.
I would be most thankful for any hints.



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