[PyKDE] eric3 first time user

Christian Sell christian.sell at netcologne.de
Thu May 6 10:44:01 BST 2004

> > QWidget::setProperty( "sizeGripEnabled", value ) failed: property
> > invalid, read-only or does not exist
> >
> That's not causing the problem.
> Please answer the following questions.
> How did you install eric3?

I installed from the eric-3.4.1.tar.gz file, building and installing all
required libs first as described

> What are the versions of the installed software (see Help menu)?

Python 2.3.3
Qt 3.2.1
QScintilla 1.2
PyQt 3.11
eric3 3.4.1
Bycicle Repair Man 0.9 cvs20040211

> What is the configuration shown on the Debugger configuration page?

Here we come to something interesting. My debugger config showed "remote
debugging" as enabled (I probably turned it on because it sounded so
interesting. After all my end goal is to debug Zope programs). Turning it off
made the shell prompt appear, and even running and debugugging scripts is now
possible. However stdout and stderr still remain empty, output from programs
goes to the shell window (UserInterface.py is back to original).

I find it rather strange that a setting as the above would disable the python
shell and the run option - without any indication whatsoever.

> Maybe you can send the configuration file (compressed) to me. You'll find


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