[PyKDE] Few eric3 usability comments

Simon Edwards simon at simonzone.com
Thu May 6 08:38:01 BST 2004

On Thursday 06 May 2004 07:06, Kirill Lapshin wrote:
> Hello,
> Few small annoying things:

While we are on the topic, I've been using Eclipse at work lately and here are 
some of its features and things that I would like to see show up in Eric:

* Can the syntax checker be run automatically or continuously? or even just 
everytime that you save a file?

* Eclipe has a Task List feature where you can add tasks to be done and then 
check then off when they are completed. Compile errors are automatically 
added to the list, but what I find cool is that you can write:

  // FIXME too buggy

in your code and Eclipse will add that as a task.

* http://www.oio.de/public/opensource/eclipse/eclipse_editor.jpg
Eclipe uses space to the left of the editor to display icons indicating lines 
with errors or tasks etc and the space to the right of the editor (next to 
the scrollbar) to show errors and tasks in the whole file. (see the red block 
in the picture). Perhaps the beginning and end of methods/classes could also 
be indicated next to the scrollbar.

* Eclipse has a navigation feature where you can jump to the last position 
where a change occurred. I'm not sure if it works all that well, but it made 
me think. Wouldn't it be cool if the editor indicated which lines had been 
recently changed (maybe as a white block next to the scrollbar) and over time 
the white block would fade. Old changes would fade away as you created new 
changes (and hence new white blocks). I probably should create a screenshot 
of something to demostrate this idea.


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