[PyKDE] PyKDE Update - 5/5/04

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Thu May 6 08:03:01 BST 2004

I expect to have an rc1 version of PyKDE ready in a few days, 
barring any major unforeseen problems. This release has few 
changes in configure.py or the PyKDE code (a few bug fixes).

The release will make the kjs module optional (only built if you 
specify -m for configure.py), adds a new kmdi module, and 
includes documentation. It's an rc1 release just to catch any 
remaining problems that turn up.

Basically I just need to make sure PyKDE builds and runs on 
various platforms/KDE versions, tidy up a bit, and then it 
should be done. I don't yet have a Mdk 10, SuSE9.1 or Fedora 
environment, so I'd appreciate reports from users of those.
I'll be testing on various SuSE 8-9, Mdk 9 and RH 9 platforms.

The docs are changed for this release - they're provided as HTML 
only and don't link to the KDE docs. KDE has changed the HTML 
tagging for methods and it isn't easy to link the PyKDE docs 
that way any longer. I may look at some way of doing that in the 
future, or there may be other documentation options coming. 

You should still refer to the KDE C++ class reference docs for 
kdelibs to find out how things work; the PyKDE docs basically 
just provide the Python signatures and return types for methods, 
and indicate which methods aren't implemented. You should refer 
to the PyKDE docs when coding, as the Python versions of some 
methods take different arg lists or return different types (in 
some cases return tuples or Python data structures).


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