[PyKDE] ANN: Wiki for PyQt/PyKDE

Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Wed May 5 19:58:01 BST 2004

Hello PyQt- and PyKDE-users,

as the title suggests, we have a new wiki only for PyQt and PyKDE + 
related development. So if you have some interesting code, wrote an 
applications that uses PyQt/PyKDE, want to write a tutorial/howto or 
found an interesting link, go to
and add your content.
The wiki contains only very basic content, so we need your help to fill 
it. Over time it can then become another way to get questions answered 
(write answers to FAQs. If you don't know FAQs, just make up some rather 
interesting questions) or find out about ways of Python GUI development. 
There is also an empty section on eric3 development, some tips and 
rather unknown features (a tutorial how to use BRM?) might be very 
helpful to newbies.
And before I forget: we still need a fancy logo, just post your 
propositions on the list or in the wiki.

TIA for your help & best regards


PS: If the wiki does not work as expected or some other technical 
problems arise, contact me, please.
Torsten Marek <shlomme at gmx.net>
ID: A244C858 -- FP: 1902 0002 5DFC 856B F146  894C 7CC5 451E A244 C858
www.keyserver.net -- wwwkeys.eu.pgp.net

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