[PyKDE] Re: pykde menu on mac

michael ferraro michael at possibleworlds.com
Wed May 5 02:57:01 BST 2004


you need to create a bundle that has the
icons and other resource in a subdirectory
of the .app directory.

the easiest and probably the best way is to
use the bundlebuilder package (I'm fairly
sure it comes with the 2.3 shipped with

here is the script I used.  It contains usage
examples on lines 3-5.  I have been using
	python buildapp.py --link build
for a while now but I haven't rigorously tested
the other options.  The app icon is in KabukiApp.icns
When you double-click the app (which is in a build
directory) the application name will appear as
the leftmost menu.  I make a symbolic link
from the build directory to my source directory
to facilitate re-building and running.


this is my buildapp.py file.

#! /usr/local/python

# -- python buildapp.py --link build
# -- python buildapp.py --standalone build
# -- python buildapp.py --semi-standalond build

import os

from bundlebuilder import buildapp

bases = ['UI_bases']

srcs = [ fn for fn in os.listdir('.') if fn.endswith('.py') and fn not 
in ('Main.py', 'buildapp.py') ]

images = [ os.path.join('Images', fn) for fn in os.listdir('Images') if 
fn.lower().endswith('.jpg') ]

	name = "Kabuki",
	mainprogram = "Main.py",
	resources = bases + srcs + images,
	iconfile = "KabukiApp.icns",

On May 4, 2004, at 8:20 PM, Brian Ellin wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> Did you ever find a solution to this problem?  I'm currently trying to
> figure out the same thing.
> ~Brian
> brian at janrain.com
> ----------
> Anyone know how I might change the application menu from
> "pythonw" to, for example, the name of the GUI application. I'm
> not sure if this is a PyQt question or a MacPython Question but,
> I am using
> 	qt-mac-free-3.2.2
> 	the latest snapshost of PyQt and SIP4.0
> 	the Apple installed pythonw on Panther (10.3.1)
> I am aware that Qt automatically moves preferences, about and
> other menus to the appropriate places but I have found no way
> to change the name of the Application menu .
> Thanks
> Michael

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