[PyKDE] eroc3 first time user

Christian Sell christian.sell at netcologne.de
Sun May 2 13:07:01 BST 2004


I am trying to use eric3 (3.4.1) under suse linux for the first time. I 
must say I am also a python novice, however by no means a programming 
After installing eric3 and all required components successfully, I fired 
up the IDE and created a project with a simple python file. Now I find 
myself looking at the pretty GUI, but unable to get any further benefit. 
When I hit the run/debug buttons, I get a dialog with 2 entry fields 
(command line argument & working dir), but no matter what I enter, 
nothing happens. I try to enter something into the "python shell" 
window, but there does not seem to be any way to execute python 
statements (what is the shell window there for anyway?).

I can execute the script from the command line ok. Can anyone advise? I 
realise there are no docs, but an IDE should be accessible intuitively - 
so I must be missing something.


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