[PyKDE] Error building Eric on mandrake 10, kde 3.2

Chris Kacoroski chris at ccktech.com
Wed Mar 31 08:27:01 BST 2004

I get the following:

root at ski eric-3.3.1]# python install.py 
Sorry, please install QScintilla and/or reinstall
PyQt with QScintilla support.

When I check inside the script and type stuff by hand I find that it cannot 
find the libqscintilla.so.3 library but I the library exists 
in /usr/lib/qt3/lib.

I used qscintilla-1.54-x11.gpl.1,2.tar, PyQt-x11-gpl-3.11.tar, sip-3.10.1.tar 
and also tried PyQt-x11-gpl-snapshot-20040330.tar with no luck.  Any help is 
really appreciated.



"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it 
 connected to the entire universe"            John Muir

Chris "Ski" Kacoroski, chris at ccktech.com, 435-681-0092

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