[review] [PyKDE] SIP error while building PyKDE

Jennifer King roguedragon at merging.org
Fri Mar 26 03:19:01 GMT 2004

Jim Bublitz wrote:

>On Thursday March 25 2004 07:06, Jennifer King wrote:
>>I'm trying to get PyKDE installed on a FreeBSD4.8 system.
>>After fighting with things for a couple days, I finally have
>>PyQT & SIP installed, and I've fought my way through PyKDE's
>>installation, but finally ran into a problem I can't figure
>>out exactly how to fix. Hopefully, someone here will know what
>>to do.
>>sip version (3.10.1) not compatible with this version (3.8) --
>>ignored PyQt sip files version (3.11.0) not compatible with
>>this version (3.10.1) -- ignored
>>PyQt sip files version (3.11) not compatible with this version
>>(3.8) -- ignored
>>/n*** WARNING *** possibile version mismatch ignored
>PyKDE 3.8 won't build with sip 3.10.1 or PyQt 3.11. Your 
>alternatives are to revert to sip/PyQt 3.8 which is a terrible 
>idea, or wait for the PyKDE 3.11 release. 
Dang.. I was hoping that you *wouldn't* say that, since the 3.8 versions 
of sip &
pyqt aren't on the site! Oh well, just as I was starting to really enjoy 
the challenge,
too. :P

>I'm not that far in terms of work from releasing PyKDE 3.11 
>snapshot, but I have at least a couple of days of other 
>(business) stuff I have to attend to first, so it's a least a 
>week until the snapshot will be released. It should be 
>essentially the final version - whatever problems it has will 
>likely be on the installation side.
Good luck with it, and thanks for the reply. Maybe this'll keep me from 
around on my system instead of doing my own work. Back to boring 
hosting & design for me.... at least for a week or two before I can 
start doing fun
stuff again ;)

-- Jen
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