[PyKDE] eric not gettting focus (macos x)

Bart van der Ouderaa b.vander.ouderaa at chello.nl
Sun Mar 14 16:12:01 GMT 2004


I've installed:
Qscintilla-1.54-x11-gpl-1.2 (without threading)
PyQt-mac-gpl-3.11 (using sip 4.0rc2)

without problem (on macos x 10.3.2)

I've then installed eric-3.1.1

And It installed ok, but when I start eric3 I get the IDE but any mouse 
clicks on it go to the window below it (and make that window go above 
eric3). So Eric dissappears behind alle the other windows and is 
unusable. It's like it isn't getting focus.

I have no problem with qt (the designer works like it should) or with 
the PyQt examples3 (no problem there either).

Any idea where to look to solve this?


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