[PyKDE] QDialog geometry problem

Mike Meyer mwm at mired.org
Thu Mar 11 04:57:00 GMT 2004

I'm trying to set up a simple dialog box, with a QLineEdit and a
couple of QPushButtons. The init code is:

class FindDialog(QDialog):
    def __init__(self, parent = None, name = None, modal = False, flags = 0):
        QDialog.__init__(self, parent, name, modal, flags)

        col = QVBox(self, "find column")
        self.Text = QLineEdit(col, "find line edit")
        row = QHBox(col, "find row")
        find = QPushButton("Find", row, "find find")
        self.connect(find, SIGNAL("clicked()"), self.Find)
        close = QPushButton("Close", row, "find close")
        self.connect(close, SIGNAL("clicked()"), self.Close)

The dialog window is opening with the buttons, but it only the upper
left-hand corner of the dialog is rendered. That gets the top of the
left button, and the upper left corner of the right button.

Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong, or not doing, that's
causing this misrendering?

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