[PyKDE] QStyleSheetItem.setAnchor()

Rune Hansen rune.hansen at scanmine.com
Tue Mar 9 15:50:01 GMT 2004

Hi, I acually feel bad asking this question here, but as the only 
python "friendly" Qt mailing list I know of...well

I don't understand how QStyleSheetItem.setAnchor() is suposed to work.
<xml version 1.0>
I'm displaying this XML in a QTextBrowser
I've assigned a default mimeSourceFactory to the TextBrowser and 
connected a SIGNAL("anchorClicked(const QString&,const QString&)")

The magic _should_ happen when:
url = QStyleSheetItem(TextBrowser.styleSheet(),"OBJECT_SITE")

...but, I'm obviously wrong. Can anyone help?


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