[PyKDE] RE: QAxWidget

Mike Thompson mike.thompson at day8.com.au
Thu Mar 4 23:59:06 GMT 2004

I need to include an ActiveX component in a PyQt program but PyQt does not
wrap QAxWidget.

Has anyone found a way to embed an ActiveX component in some other way?  Any
pointers (code examples?) greatly appreciated.

I've searched this mail-list's archive and found some mentions of ActiveX
from Greg Landrum, but the thread trails off in April last year with
apparently unresolved problems.

On another tack, would it be a difficult job to SIP Qt's AxWidget class to
something embedable and pythonic?  Or so put that another way: has the
wrapping of AxWidget not been done because its problematic or because its
JUST bloody windows related. :-)   (I would have a look myself, only I don't
have any source because I'm evaluating PyQt using only the BlackAdder demo
and a AxWidget-less installation on a RedHat box.)


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