[PyKDE] Problem building qscintilla on Mac OS X 10.3.2

dn at hddesign.com dn at hddesign.com
Mon Mar 1 02:43:01 GMT 2004


I'm trying to build qscintilla on Mac OS X 10.3.2. During the first qmake
step, I get the following message:

(#:~/src/qscintilla-1.54-x11-gpl-1.2/qt)- qmake qscintilla.pro
QGDict::hashKeyString: Invalid null key

I'm not sure if this is an error or warning. If I continue with the next
make step,
eventually I run into an ld warning about undefined symbols then
eventually "Error 1":

(#:~/src/qscintilla-1.54-x11-gpl-1.2/qt)- make
...<97 lines>...
c++ -prebind -dynamiclib -headerpad_max_install_names
-compatibility_version    3.0 -current_version    3.0.0 -install_name   
libqscintilla.3.dylib -o libqscintilla.3.0.0.dylib qextscintilla.o
qextscintillaapis.o qextscintillabase.o qextscintillacommand.o
qextscintillacommandset.o qextscintillalexer.o qextscintillalexercpp.o
qextscintillalexercsharp.o qextscintillalexerhtml.o
qextscintillalexeridl.o qextscintillalexerjava.o
qextscintillalexerjavascript.o qextscintillalexerpython.o
qextscintillalexersql.o qextscintillamacro.o qextscintillaprinter.o
SciListBox.o PlatQt.o ScintillaQt.o AutoComplete.o CallTip.o CellBuffer.o
ContractionState.o Document.o DocumentAccessor.o Editor.o ExternalLexer.o
Indicator.o KeyMap.o KeyWords.o LexAda.o LexAsm.o LexAVE.o LexBaan.o
LexBullant.o LexConf.o LexCPP.o LexCrontab.o LexCSS.o LexEiffel.o
LexEScript.o LexFortran.o LexHTML.o LexLisp.o LexLout.o LexLua.o
LexMatlab.o LexMMIXAL.o LexNsis.o LexOthers.o LexPascal.o LexPerl.o
LexPOV.o LexPS.o LexPython.o LexRuby.o LexScriptol.o LexSQL.o LexVB.o
LineMarker.o PropSet.o RESearch.o ScintillaBase.o Style.o StyleContext.o
ViewStyle.o WindowAccessor.o XPM.o moc_qextscintilla.o
moc_qextscintillabase.o moc_qextscintillalexer.o
moc_qextscintillalexercpp.o moc_qextscintillalexercsharp.o
moc_qextscintillalexerhtml.o moc_qextscintillalexeridl.o
moc_qextscintillalexerjava.o moc_qextscintillalexerjavascript.o
moc_qextscintillalexerpython.o moc_qextscintillalexersql.o
moc_qextscintillamacro.o moc_SciListBox.o  -L/Developer/qt/lib
ld: warning prebinding disabled because of undefined symbols
ld: Undefined symbols:
/usr/bin/libtool: QStringData::deleteSelf()
internal link edit command failedQGuardedPtrPrivate::reconnect(QObject*)
...<466 lines>...
QListBox::sizeHint() const
make: *** [/Developer/qt/lib/libqscintilla.3.0.0.dylib] Error 1

I'm not sure what to try next. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I was able to build

  * qt-mac-free-3.3.0
  * sip-snapshot-20040216

successfully immediately prior to this. I want to get qscintilla compiled
then move on to PyQt and eric3.


David Niergarth

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