[PyKDE] Application packaging

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Wed Jun 30 18:43:00 BST 2004

On Wednesday 30 June 2004 08:37, Patrick Stinson wrote:
> My application (pksampler.sf.net) is a ground-up C++/python application.
> The root of the source tree is a kdevelop package, and the python
> application lives one directory down, while the sip-ized module lives one
> directory down that.
> Now, I'm assuming that most people develop one or the other - C module or
> python app - but has anyone found a good way for packaging an entire
> application like mine? I'm looking for some way that users can configure
> and make with options like "normal" GNU-structured projects, while
> maintaining all three packages in one tarball.

I'd recommend looking at the configure.py stuff that sip/PyQt/PyKDE use. Most 
of the base Python methods and platform profiles come with sip, and it's now 
documented in the sip4 docs. 

The framework has methods for creating the entire Makefile hierarchy, and 
methods for generating sip files, constructing make files for sip projects or 
plain old C/C++, gives you control over link directories and files, includes, 
etc., and can access the sipconfig.py/pyqtconfig.py/pykdeconfig.py that now 
get installed with each package in site-packages/ - those have all of the 
necessary platform info (Qt location, sip version, PyQt version, etc) that 
you'd normally write autoconf code to discover. You can add additional file 
installation stuff to install *.py files, data files, or whatever doesn't 
require building.

It requires some coding to string everything together, but it's all in Python 
so it's easy to make it do anything you want it to do.  


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