[PyKDE] Another question, crash

Ian Monroe ian.monroe at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 09:03:00 BST 2004

OK, I've got another question I think it might (though hopefully not)
be more complicated then the last one.Here is the relevant stuff

in a class, is called when Configure Panel is selected. self._win is a
MainWIn, self._prefs is a class derived from KConfigSkeleton. I've
marked the point of the code where it crashes.

	def showSettings(self):
		dialog = SettingsDialog(self._win, "settings", self._prefs)
		print "and we're back"
		dialog.show() ##########<-------crashes here
		print "and we're crashed"

And for the SettingsDialog call:
class SettingsDialog(KConfigDialog):
	def __init__ (self, parent, name, config, *args):
		apply (KConfigDialog.__init__, (self,parent,name,config) + args)
		print isinstance(config,KConfigSkeleton)
		self.addPage(ConfigForm(config), "GMail", "gmail", "KNewGmail Settings")
		print "finished"

It crashes when Configure Settings is selected:
and we're back
KCrash: Application 'KNewGmail.py' crashing...

I posted all the code at http://www2.truman.edu/~iam504/knewgmail.tar.bz2
Other then the above bug, don't look at it too closely since I know
there are probably other issues that I just haven't got to yet.

The first release (which doesn't have any configure) is available here:

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