[PyKDE] Trivial improvement in the autocompletion of Eric3

Maurizio Colucci seguso.forever at tin.it
Sat Jun 26 12:03:01 BST 2004


IMHO, with a small change, eric3 would become much more usable.

I noticed there is a good autocompletion feature, with a listbox that pops up; 
then you move with the arrows. The overall result is similar to emacs' (M-/) 
autocompletion feature. The only problem is that the list is not sorted by 
distance. So it takes many presses on the down arrow to reach the correct 
completion (on average).

imagine the contents of the file is as follows:

h                       <<< we press "h" here

and suppose we press h in the middle of the file. Then, the list of 
completions should be sorted as follows:
[ hdddddd, hcccccccc, hbbbbbbb, haaaaaa]

that is, not by name, but by distance (and if two words have the same 
distance, you prefer the one above).

I think if eric3 could have such a feature, I would prefer it over emacs for 
editing my code.

Thanks for any comment :-)


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