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Nicola Larosa nico at tekNico.net
Wed Jun 23 11:51:00 BST 2004

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First, thanks to Detlev Offenbach for a such a wonderful IDE! :^)

I checked it out last year, but could not use it since it did not yet support
Quixote's PTLs in the Project Browser. I've been now using it daily for a few

This report refers to the following versions (drats, can't copy and paste from
Help | Show Versions):

Eric: snapshot-20040529
Python: 2.3.4
Qt: 3.2.1
PyQt: 3.8
QScintilla: 1.2
Bycicle Repair Man: 0.9

running on Debian unstable, where I am avoiding upgrading PyQt to 3.10 on
account of possible problems with Eric3.

1) Trying to open a file, either pressing Ctrl-O or selecting File | Open...
crashes Eric3 immediately. Running it from the console, it just says
"Segmentation fault".

2) The automatic syntax check every time a file is saved is great. Alas, PTL
are apparently checked against the standard Python syntax, since every time I
save one I get the "inverted triangle"-shaped red exclamation mark on the
first "def fun [html] ():" line of the template.

3) I agree with a remark made by someone a while ago, the autocompletion box
is a little too hard to close. Autocompletion is sure a great help, though.
The box displaying parameter definitions for functions and methods is a little
too persistent, too.

Thanks again for a great tool, and keep up the good job!

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Nicola Larosa - nico at tekNico.net

"Giving indentation semantic meaning is a stroke of genius. I'm
sure most programmers consider this to be frighteningly annoying,
but most programmers are wrong." -- Joel Spolsky, March 2004

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