[PyKDE] large tables problem

Vicent Mas uvep at ono.com
Tue Jun 22 20:47:01 BST 2004

I'm working on a viewer for large tabular datasets. The underlying application 
from which my viewer read data is a hierarchical database that can deal with 
really large datasets (tipically too large to be managed with relational 
databases). Following the advises of Qt documentation and the Qt Quarterly  
article http://doc.trolltech.com/qq/qq07-big-tables.html I've written my own 
table class by deriving QTable class and overwriting several functions. In 
particular the resizeData() function has been reimplemented to do nothing. In 
addition, I use buffers so just a small part of the displayed dataset is in 
memory at a given time.
However the amount of memory allocated by my application is still too big when 
I create large tables (you can see a summary at the bottom of the message).
 Does anybody know what else can I do in order to reduce the amount of 
allocated memory? Help would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Some useful info:
Debian box (kernel 2.6.2)
python 2.3.4
qt 3.2.3
pyqt 3.12

The following table is based on the output of command <ps u -C python>. 

0	          9.7 	 4.0 		40652 	20796 	0:53 python main.py
10**5      1.2  		4.5 		43332 	23412 	0:03 python main.py
10**6      1.3  		9.5		 69168 	49208 	0:04 python main.py
10**7      7.4 		59.4 	326512 	306584	 0:35 python main.py

Of course main.py is the script that launches my application and the ROWS 
column gives the number of rows of the opened table :). For testing purposes 
columns have been fixed to 4 and cells contain strings of 1 character length.

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