[PyKDE] KDE 3.2.3 Released - PyKDE Release Soon

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Wed Jun 9 09:45:00 BST 2004

I just finished downloading KDE 3.2.3 (should be on most mirrors by now), so 
I'll start on putting the next PyKDE release together tomorrow. I have some 
other commitments for later in the week, so the release should be about 7-10 
days out barring any problems (not many changes - don't expect many 

The next release will add the dcop stuff I posted about a few weeks ago, some 
bug fixes, and KDE 3.2.3 support. 

This release requires sip 3.10.2 and PyQt >= 3.11. It should also build with 
sip 4. This will be a "final" release, but I'd like to do quick turnaround on 
any remaining bug fixes, so there may be one or two updates shortly after. 
Even if you don't want to install the next release, you should rebuild your 
current PyKDE 3.11 with sip 3.10.2, as it fixes some problems.

After that, I don't expect another release until August or whenever KDE 3.3.0 
is released. I'll probably have something available for the KDE 3.3 
betas/rcs, but in the form of snapshots.


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