[review] Re: [PyKDE] Embedded python

Kevin Schmidt kevin at eyesopen.com
Wed Jun 2 15:05:00 BST 2004

A few more details:

I have embedded python in a similar manner to how a few groups mention 
to.  I don't use the InteractiveLoop in a separate thread for various 
reasons.  Instead, I compile a bunch of code, and send it off in groups 
of lines.  This works as far as I can tell.

I link in python statically, though most of the functionality (and many 
of the tools using it) are dynamically linked.  Qt is dynamically linked.


Jim Bublitz wrote:
> On Tuesday 01 June 2004 07:16, Kevin Schmidt wrote:
>>So I have looked a bit more closely and I still can't figure out what is
>>going on.  Here's the short of it:
>>1.  I can import qt just fine.  I can use the qApp object to resize,
>>hide, etc, the main window
>>2.  I can create QObjects with no parents.  No problems.
>>3.  I can create QObjects with qApp.mainWidget() as the parent.
>>4.  If I try to create by:
>>it crashes on the NEXT time through my python interpreter.
>>5.  If I try to create a defaultly constructed QWidget (or QDockWindow,
>>probably others), it crashes on the NEXT time through my python
>>Any ideas folks?
> I'm not sure I can help, but can you go through how this is all loaded/linked?
> For example, is libpython linked staticly or dynamicly or loaded on demand; if 
> linked, did you use -Wl,E when linking, how Python gets qApp, etc.?
> Jim

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